Dr.Catherine Kelly​​​​

Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Resilience
What is Mindfulness?

'moment by moment non-judgemental awareness' (JKZ)

Mindulness is a simple, effective set of practices and ways of thinking that help us to live our lives in a full, aware and carefree way. It allows us to  let go of our past, press 'pause' on future worries, and enjoy the life we have, right now. Taking our lives a moment at a time allows us rib-tickling freedom! It is really that simple. By understanding how our brains work, and connecting our minds to our body, we can become aware of thought patterns and emotions that cause us anxiety or stress - and then learn practical tips to let go of them or to reduce their hold on us.

How Can it Help?
Mindfulness helps us to pay attention in our lives - to the thoughts and feelings we have, to the choices we make, and instead of feeling pulled along in the storm of life, we begin to see how we can steer our ship and chart our own course.
Who Can it Help?
Everyone!  I have worked with children as young as 5, classrooms of 128 eleven year olds, teenagers, tired out mamas, and overstressed dads...
Do I need experience?
No! If you can breathe you can 'do mindfulness'. It is also a non-spiritual practice, rooted in neuroscience, psychology - oh, and common sense!

“Mindfulness teaches children to recognise their emotions and choose their behaviours, and to let go of unhelpful thoughts”​​



(following the huge response to the recent Guardian article on BlueSpace and Wellbeing)

Dr. Catherine Kelly
With 2 decades in education, a PhD, 2 degrees and countless diplomas, Catherine is an academic, a teacher, a mum, a nature enthusiast, a writer, a community player, an author and a very good listener!
  1. Friendly
    I firmly believe in humour as way to approach this amazing rollercoaster of life! I have an easy approachable style that works flexibly in many contexts.
  2. Trustworthy
    Feeling safe and in capable hands is so important when we feel stressed or worried. Adults, parents, children and teachers all give superb feedback about this in my sessions.
  3. Understanding
    Like many of my clients, I too am a juggling parent! Mother to 2 energetic boys, I work in universities, schools and for myself. Mindfulness changed my life and helps me every single day!
​ChillSquad! is our hugely successful
Mindfulness Programme for Children...
​Operating in schools all over Sussex, both within the classroom as part of the curriculum, and as lunchtime and after-school clubs, we have taught hundereds of children, teachers and parents the basics of mindfulness, wellbeing and resilience. See our Adults/Kids/Parents page for information on courses/training. 

'Your encouragement was amazing and I felt instantly comfortable. I loved the different elements that you brought to each session.  Learning how to react or not to react to life is a lesson that is so invaluable and life changing.....Thank you'  

  1. Experienced
    I was awarded a Ph.D in 1994 and for over 20 years have worked in education - lecturing, supporting students, researching and publishing. I have a broad range of interests which are reflected in my degrees and diplomas across the natural sciences, stress management and mindfulness. In recent years, my concern for the rising levels of pressure at all levels in education prompted me to switch focus. I have worked in universities, FE colleges and schools with both students and teachers teaching mindfulness and resilience to help with the increasing needs of this sector. In addition, I deliver training to teachers in schools for Inset Days and for other Wellbeing events/one off programmes.
  2. Passionate
    What can I say? I LOVE what I do....! Nothing fills me with greater pleasure than seeing people, young and old, find a way to navigate their lives in a happier way! It is a huge privilege to create spaces where the benefits of mindfulness and stress management can be explored. Helping to introduce practical strategies that can be applied in everyday life, in schools, for learning, at home, in friendships, for parenting, for work and the full A-Z of life, is hugely rewarding for me - not to mention fun, emotional, humbling and very, very special. What really can be nicer than helping people feel better?!
  3. Qualified
    Given the breadth of practices and practitioners in this growing field, it is important that the public, schools and teachers feel confident in who they are dealing with. My credentials are solid, education sector-based and span over 20years of practice. I have a social science PhD, a natural science degree from Trinity College Dublin, a 1st Class honours BSc in Stress Management and diplomas in Mindfulness (Instructor level), Mindfulness for Young People, and Coaching. I am a published author with peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters and many conference papers to my name. I sit on the British Standards Institute committee for Wellness, and chair the UNESCO Biosphere Sustainable Development Committee in Sussex.
Mindfulness Helps
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