Dr.Catherine Kelly​​​​

Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Resilience
  1. My boys, calm by the Sea!
  2. Kids can meditate!
  3. Children's Workshop
  4. Classrooms need quiet time
  5. Peace
  6. Teenagers benefit hugely from quiet time
  7. Mindfulness, step by step
  8. Awareness brings choices about our responses
  9. Breathing, the key to mindfulness!
  10. Some resources for children's workshops
  11. Wisdom
  12. Joyful outdoor fun


Mindfulness Evening Courses:

'I have got so much out of your course i'm a bit gutted its finished!!!
I most enjoyed the calm environment which you created in which to explore some new ideas. Your encouragement was amazing and I felt instantly comfortable. I loved the different elements that you brought to each session from whiteboard work to general discussions, to using the food and stones. The meditation sessions were always achievable and enjoyable and by the end I felt in a position to take your teachings and make them my own daily practice. Learning how to react or not to react to life is a lesson that is so invaluable and life changing.....Thank you'  (client, training course)

'I would recommend this course to anyone. Four weeks isn't a huge commitment yet you manage to teach so much in that short space of time. It is definitely enough to take into your own life and make a huge difference.
I would love you to do a follow up course or, as you suggested, some guided meditations'. (client,  Brighton)

'I am really enjoying these classes..mindfulness really works to wash away stress and worries' (client, mindfulness for parents)

'the nicest class I think I have ever been to... (client, evening course)

'your mindfulness class has been life-changing for me' (fellow therapist, evening training event)

'This has been so GOOD, and just what I need right now' (mother)

Mindful Parenting Evening and Weekend Workshops:
'Thank you, You have started me on a path that I know is going to make such a huge difference to my life.....I think my family are going to thank you too!!!'   (parent)

'Thanks so much for last night - it was brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be making changes to my life as from the minute I walked out of your door!'  (parent)

Read review on Child Friendly Brighton and Hove  website: please click here:

Children's Workshops:
'Catherine was brilliant, so easy and welcoming that both my children immediately did what they were told with smiles on their faces and excited about what they were going to learn.  We discussed things that made children happy and sad and different parts of the brain. My 10 year old was totally absorbed. Brain parts became animals, happy places were created, feelings were discussed. Catherine gave the children visual examples of what she was teaching to reinforce all that they were learning.  My son is so positive and energised about all he has learned, I really do notice a difference' (Child Friendly Brighton and Hove, March, 2016)

'It was really really good and we all learned something useful for our kids and for us!' (mum)

'The workshop was great, my daughter came home afterwards and made a glitter bottle, got a special bear and started 'teaching' mindfulness to her imaginary class. Always a good sign if she's teaching the topic, it means she was inspired!' (parent)

About Catherine Kelly:
'your stillness and peacefulness are evident' (Mindfunessl taster session)

'Catherine has a calm, grounded but humorous authority and is someone you can trust completely' (Training session)

'thanks for helping me breathe again...' (Stress Management workshop)

'I felt in very safe hands, but also relaxed and comfortable' (client, Mindful Eating workshop)

'The children absolutely love you' (Headteacher, Hove school)

School's Testimonials

Children's Feedback in Schools:
'yay it's mindfulness today'!

I like these classes because we can rest and be quiet'

'I like learning how my brain works, so I know why I do things now'

'it helps me not to worry so much about school'

'I feel braver and sleep better now too'

‘These classes helped me to feel calm’

‘They helped me and my family’

‘They help our whole class calm down’

‘They helped me to feel relaxed’

‘They helped me to control my emotions and thoughts’

‘I have been a lot nicer and more well behaved!’

‘they helped me figure out how to calm your anger and not get mad at people’

‘helped us control our feelings and figure out what to do’

‘they helped me feel good about myself’

They helped me understand my feelings’

They helped when I was nervous and scared’

'They helped with exam worry and realise I could do it'

'The classes helped me to think straight'!

' Thanks for the powerful little seeds that you are planting in our little precious ones:) when I've asked my son about your school session, he said:"oh yes, it was so good!" He told me about the animal parts of his brain. We were even able to imagine a scene where these 3 act together:) xx
(Year 2 parent, St. Andrews)

My son loved the workshop, especially the science bits. My friend says her daughter loved it and came home and made the feelings jars. I think I need to train my own guard dogs to lie down a bit by the sounds of it! Lovely analogies. Great stuff Catherine!
(Year 6 parent, in-school workshop, Hove) 

Watch video clips on Mindfulness in Schools

Kids Explain Mindfulness:

Schools in South East England

'I wanted to say well done and thank you to whoever organised the mindfulness sessions that the year 6 children have been having.
My daughter absolutely loves them and comes home full of information and techniques. She told me all about dopamine yesterday!
She says that she is sleeping better (she is a bit of a worrier at night) and that she copes with arguments better, too.
And in her words 'I'm just happier'.
I think particular praise should go to the teacher, as she seems to be really effective and has the ability to enthuse the children.
 Could you please say thank you to her from me and from my daughter?

(Parent, In-School Year 6  4month Programme, Hove, April 2016)

Teacher's Feedback
'The children thoroughly enjoy your sessions so hopefully we can fit in more'.  (Year 6 teacher)

'Class teachers have told me they have seen improvements in behaviour and learning since we began mindfulness' (Headteacher)

“Mindfulness teaches children to recognise their emotions and choose their behaviours, and to let go of unhelpful thoughts”

Your workshop was fab- thanks so much Catherine- I'm feeling so pleased you came along! (SENCO staff member)

Specific teacher evaluation  of benefits-
(10 week in-class programme):

  • Modelling for children on how to relax
  • Taking time out to just stop and reflect about themselves
  • Being able to ‘reset’ children – quick techniques to calm the class, particularly after busy lessons or breaks, e.g., PE or after Friday lunch
  • Introspection: children able to self-reflect and consider feelings and judgements
  • Taking time out to just stop and reflect about themselves
  • To overcome barriers of self-consciousness
  • Some children very noticeably – I think many have been surprised by the impact. 1 child had very severe anxieties about exams and it really helped...
  • Kept them calm, supported them with their worries and helped with stress relief

'Catherine is very professional, supportive, calm and kind'.... (Year 6 Teacher)

'The teachers have enjoyed the classes as much as the children, thank you' (Year 3 teacher)