Dr.Catherine Kelly​​​​

Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Resilience
Classes and Workshops
  1. Courses for Adults/Parents
    MINDFULNESS 4 WEEK COURSE Watch here for the next forthcoming course - Mindfulness for All- An introduction /refresher of the basic principles and practices of mindfulness, how to understand and manage stress, examining mindfulness in relation to home and work life, how to regain power over our thoughts, feelings and monkey-minds! See the past and the future in their correct perspectives, and fully embrace the life you have, with gratitude and self kindness. Specialist Mindfulness Parenting Courses also offered. A gentle, friendly approach to the core aspects of mindfulness. This course builds each week, with homework exercises and supportive feedback. email to reserve your place.
  2. ChillSquad! Classes for Children at School
    ChillSquad! teaches children the basics of mindfulness, meditation and relaxation techniques. Helping children to self-regulate, we explore how our brains work, dealing with worried thoughts, feelings, self-esteem, positive thinking and resilience. Programmes are designed to work in classroom settings (6 week sessions); and/or as lunchtime and after-school classes. A mixture of quiet time, soft music, breathing and rest, we also build in creative work, discussion and games. Children really welcome time out from busy school life... 'I LOVE ChillSquad! Its the only club I have ever liked'!! (Emma, age 7) 'I can just be in me in ChillSquad' (Oscar, age 9) 'Come to ChillSquad and blow your mind! It's awesome!' (Leo, age 10)
  3. ChillSquad Training Courses -for Teachers/Assistants/Youth-workers
    Learn the basic principles of Mindfulness and see how they apply to children. We focus on a variety of techniques that can be taught in short or longer sessions in class/any child setting, or for developing your own enterprise-schools clubs in your area. This course comes with a Course Handbook which details all the activities and learning outcomes needed for a basic training in Children's Mindfulness. No prior experience needed, but an interest in mindfulness and wellbeing is useful, and a desire to help children feel calmer in the everyday lives. This 2 day weekend course usually runs twice a year : Dublin: at the beautiful Oscailt centre, Ballsbridge. and- Brighton: Hilton Metropole (10am-4pm aprox) £395pp. Email for more information.
  4. Children's Occasional Workshops
    These workshops run at weekends and help children of different ages understand the basics of mindfulness: how their brain works, what makes them happy or worried, how to understand their thoughts and feelings and techniques for helping with worry, self-belief and overall calm. Useful near exam time... Mindfulness for Children: Transition Back to School (ages 7-11) Coming back to school after the holidays can be an anxious time for many children, a new teacher, classroom, new learning expectations and friendships - . Please email to discuss any individual needs your child may have, we also offer 1:1 support and bespoke workshops/courses for small groups of children.
  5. ChillSquad! Feedback from Parents and Teachers
    *'All my children fell asleep easily tonight; I am feeling so grateful to you as they totally love ChillSquad, and 'get' the meditations I read to them at night because of what you have taught them. Feel so lucky to have you in their life; you are amazing! I just wanted to give some positive feedback'. (Emma, Brighton) *'Watching the children in my class apply the self-calming techniques they have learned with Catherine (when I'm not watching), is so wonderful to witness - they are more aware of themselves and can manage themselves better' (Hove teacher) *'Showing children how to be still and quiet, practising it weekly and creating calm leaves our classroom a lovely place to be long after a session ends, thanks!'
  6. Mindfulness by the Sea
    I am passionate about outdoor and nature based wellbeing! Join us for these unique drop in sessions at the Hove Seafront - Breathe and relax in nature! Watch this space. See also my complementary organisation - WildBeachSchool Brighton, on for further information on coastal calm... If an indoor setting is not for you, try this for something different...activities, guided mediations and more, to the sound of the sea...