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Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Resilience
Mindfulness & Resilience
Resilience and wellbeing for young people is an ongoing top agenda at all levels of the education sector, from government policy-makers, to teachers in the classroom.
How can we help young people have less anxieties about their abilities, their friendships, home-life and general self-belief?

Mindfulness, resilience and wellbeing classrooms delivered in schools as part of continuous PSHE curricula yield enormous benefits - and something I have had wonderful feedback about. As an educator myself, I can write programmes to suit your needs, timings and learning outcomes.
Children respond so well and so non-judgementally to these practices and look forward to them every week! Teachers have reported improved concentration and overall classroom behaviour. Here are some of the benefits:
- Decreases symptoms of anxiety and depression.
- Decreases the production of the stress hormone, cortisol.
- Improves concentration and the ability to learn.
- Increases resilience.
- Increases calmness.
- Enhances self-awareness.
- Helps with conflict resolution and the development of positive  relationships.
- Increases wellbeing

Being calmer ourselves, allows us to be better teachers. I can offer Inset day training for staff which includes integrating mindfulness and resilience practices with Learning Behaviour work.
I work with staff/teachers/lecturers in all settings:
Primary Schools
Secondary Schools
Universities and FE...for staff days, INSET training days and in-curricular devlopment.
Helping parent understand the techniques their children learn at school is a very useful way to build on progress at home. Parents are very interested in how they themselves can parent in a mindful way, and help their children to overcome anxieties about school.

Working a 3-part approach with staff, students and parents is a hugely effective way of bringing calm to everyone - we have programmes based on different timings, models and content to suit different needs.

I am currently working with several large schools in Hove offering a range of ongoing programmes and workshops. These include a programme of weekly sessions in-classroom, with Year 6 students to help with resilience and anxiety before SATs and to aid secondary school transition; Year 5 transition to Year 6, year 3 transition to Juniors, Healthy Minds Week (introductory taster sessions for 490 children), I have delivered parent workshops, inset days  and shorter staff meeting sessions for teachers  on mindfulness and wellbeing for themselves and applications for the classroom.

The feedback children give is honest and heartfelt:
'when we have very busy school days it is nice just to have some quiet time'

'I use what we have learned at home, especially when I can't sleep because I am worried'

Please see our Testimonials Page for detailed feedback and evaluation.

Email to discuss your schools needs, for staff, training, childrens curricular sessions and parent support workshops. A tri-partite approach is excellent for maximum benefits.

Currently working with Schools in Brighton and the South East

'mindfulness helps me feel calm and helps me to relax'
(Year 6 student, Hove)

'I wish we could have these classes everyday, ace!..'

 Video clips on Mindfulness in Schools

Kids Explain Mindfulness:

Schools in England:

Sample of Schools delivery in
​St Andrews Hove
​Hove Juniors Portland Rd
​Holland Rd Hove Juniors
​West Blatchingdon School
​Peacehaven Heights
​..and more...

  • Classroom-based 6 week programmes

  • Lunchtime and after-school Clubs

  • ​Training for teachers, teaching assistants, special needs workers, preschool, creche and nursery workers (or any youth setting), also suitable for parents wanting to support their own children.  Dublin/Brighton Jun/July.​ See next page for details!